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Educators notoriously are other centered and make great sacrifices to ensure that the students they work with are provided the best emotional care that is possible. Whilst this is a noble purpose and one arguably that should be more widespread it also often leads to burn-out. An effective healthy nurturer who is able to do so for the long term is one who understands the value of nurturing their own emotional health and wellbeing.

Stephen Macdonald's keynote session at the Nurture Works onference will challenge some preconceptions about wellbeing, provoke thought about behaviours we consider normal and hopefully inspire rituals that ensure both a healthy carer and emotionally resilient students.

Stephen Macdonald M Psych (UWA) B Ed (ECU); Director Kaya

Steve has spent a number of years working in and around schools in a variety of leadership roles ranging from pastoral care positions, external educational consultancy and leadership coaching. Stephen is an Industrial Organisational Psychologist with a focus on workplace wellbeing and leadership practices that lead to organisational effectiveness and wellness.

Due to his experience working on national wellbeing projects over the last 5 years he has a particular interest in working with school staff to assist them with their own wellbeing – the often forgotten factor in creating mentally healthy schools.

Early-bird registrations close on Friday 22nd July.

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