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Monday 22 August


Powering Hope in Children

East Fremantle

Nurture - at the heart of social and emotional wellbeing for children

For school admin, pastoral care, social and emotional wellbeing, behaviour management staff is schools, teachers, chaplains and school psychologists.

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Dr Helen Street

The Next Best Thing

Centering in on changing fashions in school wellbeing, the need to address practice and policy, a whole school approach and making sure we are building progressively, not simply adding another band-aid to a shaky foundation.


Clara Deans


Practical Research In schools to Measure the Effectiveness of BUZ

In this session Clara will deliver her paper on our evidence best practice to advocate for and promote BUZ life Skills programs for schools for the purpose of enriching their contribution for building the social and emotional wellbeing of children in our schools.


Stephen Macdonald

Nurture Yourself to Nurture Your Students

This keynote session will challenge some preconceptions about wellbeing, provoke thought about behaviours we consider normal and hopefully inspire rituals that ensure both a healthy carer and emotionally resilient students.


Steve Heron

Getting the Balance Right - Well Behaved Vs Wellbeing

A well behaved child doesn’t guarantee a happy child, but a happy child is certainly more likely to behave well.

Could schools be holding the wrong end of the stick when it comes to behaviour management?

George Barbas

igoals9 School Mindset Platform 

Encouraging and supporting children to set and acheive goals is one of the best ways we can nurture a child's expectations and fulfil their potential.


Peggy Jasperson

Making Hope Happen in Your School

What is hope and why is it important? How hopeful are Australian students? 2016 Australian Gallup Student Poll results on hope.Tips for improving hope in your school

Hope and goal setting.

Sorry - no longer being offered

East Fremantle

The Bodhi Tree

Official Conference Bookshop


8.15am   - Registrations – tea and coffee on arrival

8.45am   - Welcome to the conference – Steve Heron (BUZ Founder)

9.00am   - ‘The Next Best Thing’ - Dr Helen Street - Keynote address

10.00am - Nurturing Hope Inspiration Poetry Jam – Kate Wilson

10.15am - Morning Tea

10.45am - “PRIME TIME” – Practical Research In schools to Measure the

                 Effectiveness of BUZ – Clara Deans

11.30am - Morning Streams: M1 George Barbas,  M2 Peggy Jasperson

12.30pm - Famous Tradewinds Buffet Lunch

1.30pm   - ‘Nurture Yourself to Nurture Your Students’ – Stephen MacDonald

2.00pm   - ‘Getting the Balance Right - Well Behaved vs Wellbeing’ – Steve Heron

2.30pm   - Afternoon tea

2.45pm   - Afternoon Breakout Sessions 1-5

3.45pm   - End – Prize draws @ Sundowner

4.00pm   - Sundowner – join us to celebrate at the end of the day

Kate Wilson

Capturing Inspiration - Turning golden moments into creative works to share with flare.

Kate will enthrall us with a 15-minute poetry slam on the main stage as well as conduct a Breakout Session

A poetic story-sharing themed session with a focus on turning a golden moment into a story to share with creative flair. The moment will be able to be interpreted visually as well, through drawing in the workshop, or can be applied to other art forms such as photography, painting, performance etc.


Melissa (Mim) Merriman

Bringing Hope Home

Home is the primary unit of nurture – supporting parents in their important role.

In this workshop we will discuss ways to encourage families to communicate, create mutual agreements and work as a team to bring home hope.


Clara Deans

More Than Just Ticking Boxes

BUZ alignment with the National and WA Curriculum

In this session Clara will clearly and cleverly demonstrate the alignment of BUZ Life Skills Outcomes and the Australian and WA Curriculum. Each person attending this session will receive a thumb drive with the BUZ Outcomes and links to the Australian Curriculum.


Steve Heron

Glimmer of Hope

Tools to power hope in children through metaphor, narrative and dialogue.

My Dad taught me that a bad tradesman blames their tools. I have spent much of my life developing good tools to use in social and emotional wellbeing and pastoral care with children. Tools for powering hope.

If you were only allowed to keep one useful resource what would it be?

This will be a hands on workshop to explore powering hope in children and how to use metaphors, stories and conversation when helping children through sticky social and emotional situations.


Matthew Sloan

‘Dads and Lads’ – engaging with and empowering fathers and sons.

Boys need good men on which to model themselves. ‘Dads and Lads’ sessions at St Stephen’s School, Carramar, provide opportunities for fathers and sons to have fun together, to interact positively with others and to learn from one another. It gives boys a chance to learn from and model themselves on one of the most significant people in their lives, their Dad, as well as learning from other Dads. These sessions complement the BUZ programs that run across the primary school.

ABN 25 267 155 147

St Mary's Community Care

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