BUZ Together Program (Years 4 and 5)


The Focus of the BUZ Together program is to develop social skills

Especially skills to enable children to build and maintain successful relationships, cooperation and problem solving skills.

The BUZ Together program works best for a normal class group in a normal classroom setting.

The program is designed to be conducted over 8 x 1 hour sessions.

Children receive an A4 manual.


BUZ Together - Program Outcomes

Provide the students with the skills to:

• Build a positive self image.

• Confidently establish and maintain communication with peers.

• Develop and build relationships.

• Identify feelings and recognise situations that may cause different feelings to emerge.

• Understand, communicate and manag feelings, especially anger management.

• Appropriately express feelings and wants to others.

• Recognise and resolve conflict in peaceful ways.

• Handle situations when they are not being treated fairly or with respect.


• Grow and celebrate positivity.



• Establishing good communication and cooperation using BUZ Circle skills.

• Working as a group and enhancing communication skills.

• Learn speaking skills in a group situation, especially the introduction of ‘I messages’.


• Identify and recognise their own strengths and grow an appreciation of other’s strengths.

• Complete a coat of arms that focuses on their strengths.

• Confirm their strengths and reflect on their friendship abilities.


• Realise that to succeed at a cooperation game they need to be patient.

• Focus on, consider and discuss friendship making skills.

• Realise that by working together to help each other it is easy to complete a task or challenge.

• Discover the skills needed to work in a team by the example of a successful group.

• Recognise the importance of working together and appreciate the value of each aspect.

• Practice and hone cooperation skills through challenges.


• Become aware of the variety of feelings and build on their emotional vocabulary.

• Build their skills of recognizing/identifying emotions - facial expressions and body language.

• Grow their awareness of emotional intelligence through the story, observation & discussion.

• Practice FBI skills and understand and use basic empathy.

• Understanding the processing of feelings and how someone can feel more than one feeling at the same time.


• Understand that anger is a secondary feeling.

• Learn the skills of feelings management and learn the BUZ Feelings Management Creed.

• Understanding where anger comes from, the feelings beneath anger & how to handle anger.

• Identify that outside influences affect our feelings and that it can be difficult to control our anger, but ultimately they are our feelings and we should manage them.


• Understand the need to cooperate to be successful and that conflict can affect the ability to cooperate effectively.

• Learn that conflict is the term for a problem that can affect a friendship.

• Recognise that many situations can cause conflict & that conflict has many different names.

• Learn to discern conflict situations, use empathy to see how the other person may be feeling and refine their

skills to understand what causes conflict.

• Become familiar with and practice an effective process of solving conflict, the BUZ Hopscotch Method of Conflict Resolution.

• Discover that ‘sorry’ is more than just a word, but a process that helps restore a friendship.


• Identify what bullying means to them and come up with an overall definition.

• Consider some strategies for when they are being targeted.

• Reflect on and gain insight into ways of thinking about bully-proofing.

They also learn that others can only have power over you if you let them take your power.

• Learn and practice the BUZ Gimme 5 strategies to bully-proof themselves

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