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How to be friends with more than one person at a time


"Two's company, Three's allowed!"


◊ Play games that more than two people can play happily together.
◊ Jealousy doesn't help - if you do feel jealous, don't be mean about it.
◊ If someone is mean to you, being mean back to them only makes things worse.
◊ Talk to each other - say how you feel without blaming your friends.

   (Use "I" messages.)
◊ Say sorry if you have been mean.
◊ Forgive each other - holding grudges doesn't help.
◊ Saying secrets behind each others' back is not helpful either

   - think how you would feel.
◊ It's normal for friends to have disagreements

- it's better to say -
"We are still friends, but we are having a disagreement"

- than to say -

"We're not friends anymore"

"Friends always, fights sometimes."

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