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BUZ Training and Workshops

Make your school a Build Up Zone.

BUZ offers an array of training opportunities for schools to enhance their social and emotional well being initiatives.

The training is open to all school (and non school staff) - Admin, Teachers, EA's, Chaplains, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Parents and more. 

Upcoming Training Dates:


Venue: Pearsall Primary School

BUZ Standard Training

Full day of training on BUZ initiatives for schools (teachers, EA’s, Admin) (6+ hrs) - Prerequisite for Program Trainings


  • Expanded identified theoretical frameworks

  • The 5 BUZ Nutrients for Social and Emotional well-being in children

  • The core components of the BUZ schools Life Skills for Kids Programs.

    • Connectedness (Relationships)

    • Confidence (Resilience)

    • Compassion (Respect)

    • Control or Feelings (Real Feelings)

    • Conflict Resolution (Restorative Justice)

  • Some practical hands on training.

    • The Hopscotch Method of Conflict Resolution

    • The Gimme 5 Tactics for Bully-proofing

    • The BUZ Feelings Management Creed

Prerequisite for training in BUZ class & specific program training.


BUZ Programs Training

Specific Training for the suite of BUZ Schools Programs

(Require BUZ Premium or Standard training as a prerequisite)

BUZ Life Skills Programs for Classes

  • BUZ Today - PP-Year1 (Full day training)

  • BUZ Friends - Year 2-3 (Full day training)

  • BUZ Together - Year 4-5 (Full day training)

  • BUZ Power - Year 6-7 (Full day training)

Other BUZ Schools Programs

  • BUZ Feel Safe Feel Right - Year 1-3 - Protective behaviours (Half Day) Can be done with BUZ Basic as a prerequisite

  • BUZ  Hope - Year 4-6 - Proactive grief and loss program (full day)

  • BUZ Rangers - Playground leadership and peer mediation program - (Full day training)




BUZ Advanced Training
Train the Trainer

Train the trainer is the advanced training for experienced BUZologists, who want to train others in programs. Based on the BUZ Standard training, experienced BUZ program facilitators will spend the day learning how to train others in programs, while maintaining the ethos of BUZology. Facilitated by Steve Heron, the train the trainer ensures the philosophies of BUZ are maintained, while empowering BUZologists to train others.

Conference speaker
Steve Heron

Steve Heron is a BUZologist with over 35 years experience working with children in pastoral care and social and emotional wellbeing.

He is the founder of Nurture Works and BUZ.

Steve was a finalist in the 2015 Australian of the Year Local Hero category for Western Australia and Finalist in the 2015 Western Australian of the year in the Community Category. Awarded OAM in 2016. Retired from BUZ December 2016.

Steve is keen and available to speak at conferences, workshops and seminars.


Topics include: 

  1. Restoring the Power Balance (Bully-proofing)

  2. Friendships, Fights & Restorative Practices

  3. Agro & Emo – Kids & their Emotions

  4. Helping Kids Overcome the Storms in Life

  5. Feel Safe Feel Right

  6. Well Behaved vs Well Being

  7. Child Whispering

  8. Powering Hope in Children - the 5 nutrients for social and emotional wellbeing in children


BUZ Basic Training

3 hour – Basic Training in BUZ Theory and practice for Teachers, 

EA’s and Admin; Basic PD designed for whole school Professional Development. Cost $350 + GST per school.

A PD designed to help educators understand children's emotions and emotional responses, including effective strategies that promote the development of self-regulation and resilience in all children. 

Incorporating the latest research in neuro-science, BUZ can help you teach kids how to respond to and express their emotions effectively.

BUZ will empower your staff to deal with playground and classroom conflict peacefully, using restorative justice processes that children understand.

Staff will also learn essential bully-proofing skills they can teach and reinforce in the classsroom across all ages. Moving beyond "Stop it, I don't like it" and finding ways for children to balance the power in the playground.

BUZ PDs will leave your staff inspired and upskilled to deal with school relational life with children, parents and fellow staff.


Digital Parenting & Cyber Safety Workshop

Empowering parents to understand children's digital behaviour and the importance of digital supervision.

In the workshop we will look at:

- Our own digital behaviour

- How internet use and social media impacts developing brains

- How to create fair and reasonable boundaries

- The importance of filters, settings and restrictions and HOW to work       them

- Social Media Apps - who is using them and how they work

- Cyberbullying and how to protect and empower your kids

BUZ Workshops
School staff and parents

BUZ SPECIFIC PD SESSIONS   (Each 1.5 hours)  

More substantial PD on the following topics for school staff or parents.


1. Restoring the Power Balance (Bully-proofing)

  • All the hype about bullying could actually be making things worse. Understanding bullying, dispelling the myths, building respectful communities, introducing the Gimme 5 Tactics for Bully-proofing and the Marshmallow Man.

2. Friendships, Fights & Restorative Practices

  • Enhancing Kid’s Relationship Skills, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice. Includes the SNACK way of making friends & BUZ Hopscotch Method of Conflict Resolution.

3.  Agro & Emo – Kids & their Emotions

  • Helping kids with their emotional competence and self-regulation.  Includes Good, Bad, Mad, Sad – understanding feelings,  the brain in the hand and emotions, dispelling myths about anger management, the BUZ Feelings Management  Creed.

4. Helping Kids Overcome the Storms in Life

  • Helping kids through the tough times in their life and empowering hope. Grief, loss, change. Helping kids restore their social confidence.

5:  Feel Safe Feel Right

  • Protective Behaviours for children. Numbats and child protection.

  • Helping kids know the BUZ  Ladybug strategies for keeping safe and feeling right.

6.  Well Behaved vs Well Being

  • Correcting the scales in the balance of behavior management & social/emotional well-being in schools. A provocative look at the way we view the well-being of children in our schools. Making a case for the importance of social and emotional learning to have higher priority in schools.

7. Child Whispering

  • How to get kids to come, talk and open up on the cares, concerns, problems and celebrations in their lives. The art of pastoral questioning. (For chaplains and other pastoral care staff as well as suitable for parents.)


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