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BUZ Prime @ ACHPER Conference

Clara Deans to present BUZ Evidence paper at ACHPER Conference in Canberra - January 2017

After one and a half years of hard work, data and infomation collection, our BUZ Prime Research and Development Officer has been invited to present her paper at the ACHPER conference in Canberra.

This is a great opportunity for Clara and for BUZ. It will mark the conclusion of the BUZ Prime project and allow us to journalise our evidence base research.

The qualitative evidence substantiates and validates two previous unpublished findings by Strickwerda-Brown, J., (2007) and Heron, S., (2005) on the effectiveness of BUZ in schools. Since 2001, anecdotal feedback has been showing the programs enhance student, teacher and parent wellbeing and provide a more positive school culture when used to help teachers embed the teaching of SEL in their curriculum and teaching. Now there is evidence to substantiate the qualitative data collected.


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