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Making Hope Happen in Your School

After a successful pilot in 2012, the Gallup Student Poll was launched to Australian schools in August 2013. To date, over 45,000 students across Australia have participated in this annual survey that measures students’ hope, engagement and wellbeing. Results from this survey are designed to help schools improve student experience and inform decision making at the Principal and School Executive level.

Peggy Jasperson will be presenting a stream session at the Nurture Works Conference on 22nd August.

What is hope and why is it important?

How hopeful are Australian students?

2016 Australian Gallup Student Poll results on hope.

Tips for improving hope in your school. Hope and goal setting.

Peggy Jasperson

With experience in classroom teaching, educational leadership and administration and business management consulting, Peggy brings a highly-informed perspective to working with schools, universities and businesses across Australia. She uses a strengths-based approach to developing people, building capability and enhancing hope, engagement and wellbeing.

Peggy encourages leaders and teachers to use data to help drive decision making. She works with them to create and implement tailored strategies that improve the performance, capability and productivity of their people.

Peggy holds degrees in Science, Teaching and Educational Administration. Peggy has taught Chemistry and Mathematics and has worked as a business and education Consultant with Gallup, an international business management and consulting firm. In her time at Gallup, Peggy was instrumental in launching the Australian Gallup Student Poll.

Above all, Peggy Jasperson has a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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