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Dads and Lads – engaging with and empowering fathers and sons

Boys need good men on which to model themselves. ‘Dads and Lads’ sessions at St Stephen’s School, Carramar, provide opportunities for fathers and sons to have fun together, to interact positively with others and to learn from one another. It gives boys a chance to learn from and model themselves on one of the most significant people in their lives, their Dad, as well as learning from other Dads. These sessions complement the BUZ programs that run across the primary school.

Matthew will be conducting a breakout session at the Nurture Works Conference on 22nd August.

His session will explore ways St Stephen’s School actively engages with families in order to strengthen relationships and help parents and children gain insights into aspects of the way they relate to others. '

"We will focus on the ‘Dads and Lads’ sessions that have been run once a term, looking specifically at how we combine hands-on learning with an interactive presentation exploring various aspects of life, such as effective communication and cooperation."

Matthew Sloan is a Year 4 teacher at St Stephen’s School, Carramar and the Curriculum Leader of Social/Emotional learning, working across the year groups. Within this role Matthew leads BUZ sessions with different classes, implements the school’s ‘protective behaviour’ program and provides opportunities that help build relationships within families. A Social Worker for 14 years before a career change into primary teaching at 40, Matthew is passionate about helping students to further develop their social and emotional well-being.

Nurture Works Conference

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