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National HPE Day and BUZ - 9th Sept

Schools implementing BUZ get involved:

All the skills explicitly taught through BUZ are part of a ‘strength based’ Health and Physical Education ‘Whole of School approach’.

National Health & Physical Education (HPE) Day on Wednesday September 9 2015 is fast approaching. Check out the #HPEday website for further information about how you can 'fly the flag' for BUZ ( at your school and at home.

BUZ skills

BUZ is about Personal and social capability skills. These skills are addressed in all learning and at every level of school and the key contributor to the development of personal and social capability for all children is Health and Physical Education (HPE).

BUZ and the Australian Curriculum

In the Australian Curriculum ( some of the skills and practices implicit in the development of the capability are most explicitly addressed in HPE. Schools use the BUZ as one of their school’s programs to explicitly address skills for the area of HPE. For example: ‘Working collaboratively’ with others in activities used by BUZ ( programs develops students' personal and social skills as well as an appreciation of their own strengths and abilities and those of their peers.

BUZ supports and compliments HPE learning in schools:

Through BUZ ( children develop a range of interpersonal skills such as