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Balancing the Power

BALANCING THE POWER - Beyond the Bullying Hype


Many current attempts at trying to stop bullying in schools are either like cutting a birthday cake with a hammer or cutting a steak with a feather.

Bullying is not so much the problem; but the way we generally look at it could be.

Firstly, our definition of bullying may be letting us down. Secondly, our approaches can often reflect punitive and not restorative processes. Thirdly, our limited solutions are often locked into interventions and not enough on prevention.

To call someone a ‘bully’ is over-simplistic – It suggests that a bully is a bad person that picks on you. It is not a helpful label. It is not a useful definition.

The words ‘bully’ and ‘bullying’ are emotive, negative and often unhelpful.....


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