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We're on This Road Resource Pack - Fischy (WOTRRP)

We're on This Road Resource Pack - Fischy (WOTRRP)

We're on this Road Resource Pack (AUDIO CD+DVD+CD-ROM)
Brand new for 2011, We're on this Road contains eleven songs for children on developing emotional resilience and managing times of change. These important and universal themes are explored with depth and simplicity, and the quality and 'catchiness' of the songs has hit new heights even compared to previous releases such as 'Build Up'. From the infectious Latin-style energy of Stronger to the moving rock ballad Bad times won't last, the style of the album is comparable to mainstream rock/pop releases and will be particularly enjoyed by the 8-11 age group.
This Resource Pack contains three discs packed with helpful content to allow effective use of the songs in any group setting.

DISC 1: Audio CD with full vocal and backing track versions of all eleven songs
DISC 2: DVD videos featuring the Fischy team teaching and demonstrating all the songs (perfect for learning the all-important signs and actions), plus the innovative new resource Symbol Movies - a visual learning tool that helps a wider range of children engage with the songs.
DISC 3: Full supporting materials - teaching notes, lyrics for projection, melody line/chord sheets and single-image versions of the Symbol Movies.
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