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Strengths Stickers (IN0151)

Strengths Stickers (IN0151)

Strength Cards Stickers (From St. Luke's Innovative Resources)- 280 stickers in a set
“May your strengths be with you!” And they will be, with these playful Strength Cards stickers, perfect for using as reminders of the strengths we already have—or of new strengths we want to practise.

Used by family workers, teachers, counsellors, trainers and parents worldwide, the Strength Cards stickers are ideal for helping people ‘hang on’ to their strengths and skills, express appreciation, offer encouragement and break the ice at workshops and conferences.
Use stickers on letters, memos, newsletters, walls, doors and staff room fridges to raise questions or acknowledge strengths and achievements.
Give each child get the opportunity to be ‘Star of the Week’ and have their peers choose stickers to represent the strengths they see.
Create awards certificates or report cards that incorporate the stickers.
Congratulate students or colleagues on their strengths using stickers on name tags, mugs and folders.
Encourage your children to practice different strengths by choosing a sticker for each day.
Teachers: use stickers on reports and to appreciate children’s work.
Create family trees by identifying a strength for each member of the family.

Stickers may be little, but they say a lot about how we acknowledge and celebrate strengths in our schools, families and communities. Say ‘Thanks’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Good Work’ and ‘We Appreciate You’ with a splash of sticker colour!
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