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Strength Cards For Kids (IN0500)

Strength Cards For Kids (IN0500)

Strength Cards for Kids
Strength Cards for Kids is a delightful, strengths-based resource aimed at primary school aged children.
Developing self-esteem and emotional intelligence
A set of 40 cards or stickers with practical, positive, affirming statements and fun-loving cartoon-style graphics, designed for children. So why do adults like them so much? We think it's because the most powerful way to solve a problem is to start with what we already do well, and everyone needs these reminders. These cards are ideal for developing inner strengths and building values for life. Teachers love to use these for 'Strengths of the Week' or 'About Me' projects.
40 laminated, full-colour cards, 210 x 150mm, 2-part cardboard box, 24-page booklet.
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