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BUZ Hope Cards Set (30 Cards) (BHPCS3)

BUZ Hope Cards Set (30 Cards) (BHPCS3)

AU$9.00 Regular Price
AU$7.00Sale Price
BUZ HOPE CARD SET of 30 cards used in BUZ Hope Program
3 Sets of 10 beautiful, colourful and meaningful business size BUZ Hope Cards that will help children (and adults) with overcoming the storms in their life. 10 meaningful quotes about finding hope even in the darkest situation.
•Hope is more powerful than a wish.
•No amount of darkness can put out the light - of a little candle flickering in the night.
•When the world says "Give up" - Hope whispers "Try it one it one more time".
•Suffering is no longer suffering once you find meaning in it.
•Hope is like a kite lifted up.
•You can't have a rainbopw without the sunshine and the rain.
•There is light at the end of the tunnel.
•Hope is not a dream, but a way for dreams to become real.
•Every cloud has a silver lining.
•Paint a rainbow inside of you, push the clouds away, to let your smile shine through.
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