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BUZ Helps Cards Individual (BHC1-10)

BUZ Helps Cards Individual (BHC1-10)

Individual purchases of the 25 practical BUZ Helps Cards for all kinds of issues and problems that kids face
(Glossy and classy double sized business cards)
BHC1 Keeping and Repairing Friendships
BHC2 How to be Boss of your Feelings
BHC3 How to Manage your anger
BHC4 How to solve fights with friends
BHC5 How to Survive Your Parents Splitting Up
BHC6 How to Live in a Step Family
BHC7 Rebuilding a Friendship
BHC8 How to be Friends with more than one person at a time
BHC9 When You Get Worried
BHC10 If someone picks on You
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