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Empowering children with the lifeskills they will need to face life's adversities.

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Nurture Works Foundation is a unique organisation that is passionate about Powering Hope in Children.


Through our BUZ (Build Up Zone) initiatives, we enable children to develop important life skills by addressing:

Conflict resolution, protective behaviours, bully-proofing, self-awareness, poor self-esteem, the link between environment and emotional abuse, building confidence, emotional competence, relationship skills, empathy and respect.


BUZ wants all children to become effective members of society that contribute positively to their community.


BUZ takes a pro-active approach that sees itself as an organisation that 'empowers' children at the top of the cliff, rather than the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, when the damage is already done.

(The BUZ ethos inspired by a story by Joseph Malins 1895)

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